2018 Donors

Received from 11/2/2017 through 11/1/2018
City of Lago Vista
Lago Vista Women's Club
Ann Murrow
Bill and Dee Phipps
MAESTRO - $500+
Chiappe Family Trust
Liz and Larry Hagler
Joe and Glynda Wolverton
Mary Harwood (in honor of Dan and Cyryl Yannitell)
Jay and Nancy Meierhoff
Roy and Nancy Moore
Jim and Boogie Orr
Zeke and Yolanda Zielinski
Steve and Karen Adams
Archie Barrett
Fran and Rambie Briggs
Jerry and Greta Dusa
George and Susan Eeds
Jane Marchante Francis
Richard and Judy Funk
Robert Harriss
Dick and Jean Hemer
Betty Houghton
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Howell
IBM Matching Grant (John Yates)
Revolution Homes
John Rogers (in honor of Jeanie Haynes)
Elke Tessnow
Debra Walker
Carol Watson
Jim and Nancy Wood
Milton and Helen Wright
Dan and Cyryl Yannitell
(in memory of Charm DeSorgo, Paul Gust, Jason Bhonn, Mary Swither and Dorothy Overton)
John Yates
FRIEND - $25+
Mark Ammerman
Patricia and Lee Benson
Dick and Bobbi Bohn
Ray and Lil Burch
Laura Carr
Stephen and Claudette Caldwell
Edith and Kerry Greene (in memory of Charm DeSorgo)
Cindy Gust
Jack and Fostelene Halcom
Ronald and Cynthia Mott
Lorraine Mundt
North Shore Beacon
Dan and Bev Olson
Paul and Mira Prince
Miriam Raviv (in honor of Nancy Moore)
Jan Thompson
Patricia Wedel
Ray and Mary Winkeler (in honor of Fran and Rambie Briggs)